Joomla Tags - They could be better

One of the features that came late to the core of Joomla was Tags. These were introduced a couple of versions back and the use of tags allows you to “tag” articles for searching and filtering, however their implementation is a bit lacking.

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The power of Custom Fields in Joomla

Custom Fields are one of Joomla’s most powerful and flexible features – and really give the CMS a new level of freedom, for both me as the developer, and the end user as the content author.

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My Favourite components: OSMeta

There isn’t much that I don’t like about Joomla, but its “out of the box” management of Meta data is one of them.

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My Favourite components: RSForm!PRO

One of the components that I use most, pretty much in every Joomla website I develop is RSForm!PRO. As the name suggests it’s a forms component that allows you to add any kind of form to your Joomla website.

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My Favourite Modules – Mity Banner

For quite some time one of the things that annoyed me about Joomla is there was no way to use the “Article Full Image” in a module position so that you can easily use it as a banner on a page. Seems like a basic requirement.

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Turn off things you don’t need

One of the things I often hear people say about Joomla is that it’s complicated and confusing, and I do agree with that to a certain extent, but there are ways to minimise the complexity.

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My favourite components series: JCE

JCE (Joomla Content Editor) is one of the most popular components used in Joomla websites, and basically it’s the visual editor used to add content to your website.

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Supporting component developers

One of the misconceptions of Open Source software such as Joomla is that it’s totally free. While this is partly true a lot of work goes into the development of the core Joomla system (which is free), but the components, plugins and modules that can really take your website to the next level in terms of functionally aren’t always free.

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